Wine Tasting For Beginners

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Attending wine tasting events can be a great experience and a lot of fun, although a lot of people choose not to attend out of fear – or not knowing what to do or what to expect.  Even though there are no mysteries to wine tasting, there are some things that you should always remember.

During a wine tasting events, generally women are always served before the men. Some tastings will serve you bottled water or crackers between tastings, so you can clean your mouth out and be ready to taste the next wine that is served.  When you take the wine, you should always handle the glass by the stem, to avoid heating it with your hands.  There will also be crackers and other goodies on hand as well, to help you cleanse your mouth between wine tastings.

As you may already know, you can tell quite a bit about the wine by the color.  When you attend a wine tasting for the first time, you’ll notice that the glasses are clear.  This helps you to examine the wine better.  There should also be white tablecloth on the table as well, to help you see the color the wine more clearly.  You should never go by the name of the wine alone, as it can easily fool you.

You’ll also notice the more experienced wine tastes swirl their wine around in the glass before they taste it.  Although it may look weird, slightly swirling the wine actually helps to bring out the flavor.  Most wines have been aging in bottles for long periods of time, sometimes even years.  When the wine is swirled around in the glass, the swirling will release the flavors in the wine and bring them out when the wine is tasted.

At wine tastings, you’ll need to look at the wine, smell it, then after swirling it around in the glass – taste it.  Smells play an integral part of the process, as you’ll get a lot more from the wine by smelling it first.  Wine has quite an intriguing aroma, which helps to bring out the taste that wine is so well known for.  Once you have smelled the wine, you should allow a few moments to take in the smell and think about the wine that you are smelling.

Last but not least, you’ll want to know how to properly taste the wine.  Your tongue has taste buds in the front and the back, which helps to detect flavors.  Wine is full of flavors, and how you taste it will make the biggest impact.  When you put the wine in your mouth, you should always swish it around in your mouth for a few seconds, and allow the flavors plenty of time to dance on your palate.  Once your taste buds have started to discover the wine, you can think about what you are tasting.  After swallowing the wine, the aftertaste that remains in your mouth should give you even more of an idea as to the type and flavor of the wine. Learn more on tasting at this popular wine tasting website

Before you attend a wine tasting, you should always learn as much as you can about the many different flavors and varieties of wine.  This way, you’ll have a better understanding of what you should look for in both taste and flavor.  Even though you may be new to wine tasting, you should never pass up an opportunity to go.  You’ll get a great experience in the world of wine tasting and get to experience wines that you may have never heard of before.

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4 Wedding decoration tips

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Four Wedding Decoration Tips

A wedding ceremony is as unique as the couple exchanging their vows. To add to that uniqueness there are particular wedding decoration that can be chosen. These wedding decorations reflect what the bride and groom wish to convey to those witnessing the declaration of their vows.

The marriage ceremony can be simple or elaborate. The wedding decorations chosen can be limited by budget, but even with minimal investment can serve to enhance the beauty of the love and devotion celebrated. Simple wedding decorations can include thematic color, candles, and flowers.

Thematic Color

One of the key visual features involving a wedding decoration is the color selected. This color generally threads its way through the entire venue chosen for the ceremony and is often the main color chosen for the bridesmaid’s attire. This wedding decoration is primary in regards to reflecting the love of the bride and groom.

Tables can make a real difference as well. The standard table in a wedding is the round banquet tables with table clothes. But if you want your reception to jump out think of something different. Like Farm Tables. You wont have to deal with table clothes but you get a great looking table. Check out Backyard Cedars Events they offer fantastic Rustic Farm Table Rentals in San Diego.


Candles are an important wedding decorations as they symbolize the shining warmth, burning love, softness, and romance of the wedding ceremony. Following the thematic color chosen by the bride this wedding decoration symbolizes the prayers offered by the marriage guests on behalf of the marital couple.

Another candle feature would be the unity candle. This wedding decoration symbolizes the marital union of not only two lives, but the joining of two families together. With two tapers on either side of a large pillar candle this wedding decoration is prominently placed in proximity to the marriage ceremony. Prior to the arrival of the bride to be the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom come forward and light the two tapers.

During the actual ceremony the bride and groom move forward to the unity candle and light the large pillar candle from the flames of the two separate tapers. The lighting of the unity candle symbolically reflects their new family and union from two separate families.


Flowers are another important wedding decoration. Their beauty, fragrance, and vibrancy add to the festivities and reflect the blossoming of love between a man and a woman. It is best to work with a professional florist and select the flowers that best match what the wedding ceremony is trying to create through the use of decorations.

Finally, many hands make light work. Therefore, have someone assigned to oversee this wedding decoration. Work off a checklist which includes the proper number of bouquets, boutonnieres, bridal bouquet, etc.


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North County Events

North County San Diego Events

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If you’ve traveled to San Diego, you’ve likely shopped and dined in its historic Gaslamp Quarter, caught a Padres game at Petco Park, relaxed in one of the many beautiful sandy beaches or enjoyed world-renowned rides and attractions at SeaWorld.  But You probably haven’t ventured North of Downtown.  Unfortunately if you have not done so you are missing out on many of the North County San Diego Events.

There are many small towns and their events that you should definitely check out such as Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside.

If you haven’t been in San Diego for the holidays, however, you’re missing out on some of the best holiday celebrations anywhere. Whether you’re interested in winter entertainment on the water, eye-catching lights displays or family-friendly holiday exhibits, these San Diego events make perfect ways to celebrate the holiday season and spread plenty of cheer in the process. Below is a handful of holiday festivities taking place in the North County San Diego  place nicknamed “America’s Finest City,” plus noteworthy San Diego hotels that lie near them.

1. The Holiday of Lights:

The event runs most nights (closed Dec. 6 and Dec. 13) from Thanksgiving Day through Sunday, Jan. 2, 2011. More than 400 stunning displays, all centered around such themes as Toyland, Treasures by the Lake, Candy Cane Lane, and Elves at Play, will be set around the Del Mar Racetrack. Visitors can delight in the holiday displays from the comfort of their vehicles as they drive along a 1.5-mile stretch through the lively Fairgrounds.

2. San Diego Bay Parade of Lights:

If your idea of spreading holiday cheer involves being on or near the water, don’t miss the 39th annual Parade of Lights, which happens to be the city’s only Christmas parade. Boats of all shapes and sizes decorated for the holiday season will parade around the bay as more than 80,000 spectators watch in awe. The parade has grown so much in popularity that it’s held twice annually.

3. Garden of Lights:

You don’t have to be a nature lover to appreciate the lovely city’s Botanic Garden’s Garden of Lights, which runs from Dec. 9 through Dec. 23 and again from Dec. 26 through Dec. 30 (5-9 p.m.) With over 100,000 sparkling lights, live music, a Nutcracker exhibit, horse-drawn-wagon rides, marshmallow roasting and much more, it’s easy to see why children and parents alike can’t enough of this family-friendly winter wonderland. Located in Encinitas, the Botanic Garden boasts the Hamilton Children’s Garden – the largest interactive children’s garden on the west coast – as well as the nation’s largest bamboo collection. Visitors can stay at Del Mar Motel on the Beach, set approximately 6 miles from San Diego Botanic Garden.

4.Food event – Escondido Chocolate Festival

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Kids love them. Adults savor them. Escondido Chocolate Festival is dedicated to this divine delicacy. As the month of February is devoted to Valentine’s Day- Escondido Chocolate Festival aptly will take place on 9th February, 2013 at Downtown Escondido on historic Grand Ave.

5. Last but Definitely not least-  Carlsbad Legoland

Starting in October – kids will be able to enjoy Brick or Treat – where kids can dress up and trick or treat through out the park.  Then in November through December Legoland celebrates the holidays with music, lights, rides and even snow!  The kids will love it!

There are a slew of great San Diego holiday events in the North County that await.

What are you waiting for?

For more info on the Northern Area of San Diego check out this youtube video

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