Dive Dauin

This is a small, quaint little town. Dauin has but one gas station and a very few internet cafes with local foods. The market place is of course in the center of town were the locals can buy their goods and daily fish. They did manage to put up a cock fight stadium and have plans to put in a water system for the locals living there. The people are very friendly and helpful in giving information to you. But please speak slowly so that they can understand you.

Dauin Dive Sites:                   Description:                 Depths:                Divers/Snorkelers::
1. Mainit Sanctuary                 Flat coral slope                 5-15m                 OWD/ok
2. Sarah’s Reef (Atlantis HR) Flat & sandy/coral slope 5-15m                 OWD/ok
3. El Dorado HR Sanctuary     Flat & sandy/coral slope 5-20m                OWD/ok
4. Pura Vida HR                        Flat & steep sand slope   2-20m                OWD/no good
5. Dauin Bangka Wreck             Flat & steep sand slope 3-30m                  AOW/Ok
6. Dauin Car Wreck Sanctuary Flat & steep sand slope 3-30m                  AOW/Ok
7. Dauin Bay North Sanctuary  Coral slope                      2-20m                 OWD/Good
8. Dauin Bay South Sanctuary   Flat coral slope              2-20m                 OWD/Good
9. Ginama Point Flat                   Coral slope                      3-18m                 OWD/Ok
10. Masaplod Norte Sanctuary   Flat coral slope             2-18m                 OWD/Good
11. Masaplod Sur Sanctuary       Flat coral slope             2-18m                  OWD/Good
12. Bahura HR Sanctuary           Flat coral slope             2-18m                   OWD/Good
13. Maayong Tubig Sanctuary   Flat sand slope             5-20m                   OWD/Ok

Our guests loading for a dive trip to Dauin

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